About Us

Basiea Development & Training was established and registered in September 2015 by a forward-thinker Mamosa Dorothy Mokatsoane who is concerned about the shortage of skilled managers within our particular area of business. Basiea Development & Training has quickly established itself as a growing training provider in the business industry.

We support organisations & businesses in improving their ability to service their customers needs through innovative and creative training solutions. We help groups move from “stuck” to “motivated.” Don’t wait until dispute resolution or conflict management is required. Collaboration is the key.

We engage others with care and consideration. Our participatory approach demonstrates that group effectiveness increases when people involved originate plans themselves. We support others to enable them to do their best work. We design and customize our work collaboratively with partners to meet our client’s needs.

We help others broaden perspectives, open communication, engender motivation, focus on clear strategies, create internal alignment, save time and resources and enable flexibility in a changing environment.

Our Mission

“To use and share quality facilitation services to enable others the capacity to talk together, plan effectively and take needed actions.”